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  • A visit to The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

    Published 19/01/18
    The fourth most important collection of Greek ceramics in Britain
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  • Art workshops

    Published 15/01/18
    On Friday the Art Department welcomed artist and educator Jeanette Barnes. 
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  • End of term fun

    Published 12/12/17
    The boys have had a brilliant run of fun end of term events. 
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  • Winter Art Exhibition

    Published 08/12/17
    Every boy has at least one piece of work on show in the Michaelmas exhibition this year which we hope you will be able to visit in the Games Room this weekend.
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  • 125th Anniversary Ball

    Published 07/12/17
    "Celebrating 125 years of spirit, friends, manners and Sets Football! 'Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all the might'."
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  • Christmas preparations begin

    Published 07/12/17
    Christmas preparations are underway, the tree is twinkling in the dining room and Jesus has been placed in his manger.  Upstairs the boys are feverishly decorating their dormitories, the more gaudy and sparkly the better, the choir is perfecting their carols, advent calendars are eagerly opened...
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  • IVs' Living Rainforest Trip

    Published 06/12/17
    To link in with their Geography lessons the IVs all ventured to the deepest, darkest areas of the rainforest and discovered how all the plants and animals have adapted to living there.
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  • Sixes Nativity

    Published 05/12/17
    VIC and VIJ performed a wonderful Nativity on Friday with some fabulous singing and many excellent performances from the boys.  They all looked magnificent in their costumes, knew all their lines and told the traditional story with lots of energy and feeling. Photos here
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  • Autumn Concert

    Published 04/12/17
    The highlight of the Music Department’s Michaelmas Term is the Autumn Concert which took place last night in the Theatre.  We have over 140 boys currently taking Music at Ludgrove and were delighted that 64 boys were individually performing, either a solo performance or in an ensemble pie...
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  • 125th Anniversary Auction

    Published 21/11/17
    Take part in our silent auction!
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  • U9-U13 Swimming Gala

    Published 20/11/17
    On Thursday 16th November we hosted our U9-U13 swimming gala between Eagle House and Harrodian.
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  • Coding and Robotics Club

    Published 16/11/17
    Boys learning how to code during Thursday afternoon activities.
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