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Latin is introduced in the second year to the nine-year-olds who have three thirty five minute lessons and one prep (PR) each week. The number of lessons increases as a boy moves up the school and he will normally have five per week in his final year.

Greek is taught to the top set in the penultimate and top year, with a view to those boys taking a scholarship. We follow a beginners Greek course for the top Common Entrance Latin set, with the aim of the boys taking Level 1 Greek to their chosen public school.

We teach Latin in a traditional way and from an early stage boys learn about the structure of language and the derivation of words, as well as the life and civilisation of the Greeks and Romans. We begin with the elementary grammar and vocabulary and work through the syllabus to Common Entrance and scholarship.

Public schools like boys with a good grounding in Latin because it increases their range of vocabulary and gives them a better understanding of the subject; it develops skills of analysis and translation and it improves their ability to write clearly, effectively and with greater imagination.