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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

Fixture List & Results

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Easter Term 2018, Rugby Fixtures







Wed 17 Jan      
      Under 13A A Papplewick
      Under 13B H Papplewick
      Under 12A A Papplewick
      Under 12B H Papplewick
      Under 11A H Papplewick
      Under 11B H Papplewick
      Under 11C H Papplewick
      Under 10A A Papplewick
      Under 10B A Papplewick
      Under 10C A Papplewick
      Under 9A H Papplewick
      Under 9B H Papplewick
      Under 9C A Papplewick
Sat 20 Jan      
      Under 13A H Aldro
      Under 13B H Aldro
      Under 12A A Aldro
      Under 12B A Aldro
      Under 11A A Aldro
      Under 11B A Aldro
      Under 11C A Aldro
      Under 10A H Aldro
      Under 10B H Aldro
      Under 10C H Aldro
Wed 24 Jan      
      Under 13A A Elstree
      Under 13B H Elstree
      Under 12A H Elstree
      Under 12B A Elstree
      Under 11A A Elstree
      Under 11B H Elstree
      Under 11C H Elstree
      Under 10A H Elstree
      Under 10B H Elstree
      Under 10C H Elstree
      Under 9A A Elstree
      Under 9B A Elstree
      Under 9C A Elstree
Wed 31 Jan      
      Under 13A H Cheam
      Under 13B A Cheam
      Under 12A A Cheam
      Under 12B H Cheam
      Under 11A H Cheam
      Under 11B H Cheam
      Under 11C H Cheam
      Under 10A A Cheam
      Under 10B A Cheam
      Under 10C A Cheam
      Under 10D A Cheam
      Under 9A H Cheam
      Under 9B H Cheam
      Under 9C H Cheam
Sat 3 Feb      
      Under 13A H Cothill
      Under 13B A Cothill
      Under 12A A Cothill
      Under 11A H Cothill
      Under 11B A Cothill
      Under 11C H Cothill
      Under 10A A Cothill
      Under 10B A Cothill
      Under 10C A Cothill
      Under 9A H Cothill
      Under 9B H Cothill
Wed 7 Feb      
      Under 13A A Moulsford
      Under 13B A Moulsford
      Under 12A H Moulsford
      Under 12B H Moulsford
      Under 11A A Moulsford
      Under 11B A Moulsford
      Under 11C A Moulsford
      Under 10A H Moulsford
      Under 10B H Moulsford
      Under 10C H Moulsford
Wed 21 Feb      
      Under 13A A St. Andrew’s
      Under 12A H St. Andrew’s
      Under 12B H St. Andrew’s
      Under 11A H St. Andrew’s
      Under 11B H St. Andrew’s
      Under 10A A St. Andrew’s
      Under 10B A St. Andrew’s
      Under 9A A St. Andrew’s
      Under 9B A St. Andrew’s
      Under 9C A St. Andrew’s
Sat 24 Feb      
      Under 13A A Sunningdale
      Under 13B H Sunningdale
      Under 12B A Sunningdale
      Under 11A H Sunningdale
      Under 11B A Sunningdale
      Under 10A A Sunningdale
      Under 9A H Sunningdale
      Under 9B H Sunningdale
Wed 28 Feb      
      Under 13A H Reddam House
      Under 12A H Reddam House
      Under 11A A St. Piran's
      Under 11B A St. Piran's
      Under 11C H St. Piran's
      Under 10A H St. Piran's
      Under 10B H St. Piran's
      Under 10C H St. Piran's
Sat 3 Mar      
      Under 13A H Summer Fields
      Under 13B A Summer Fields
      Under 12A H Summer Fields
      Under 12B A Summer Fields
      Under 11A A Summer Fields
      Under 11B H Summer Fields
      Under 11C A Summer Fields
      Under 10A H Summer Fields
      Under 10B H Summer Fields
      Under 10C H Summer Fields
      Under 9A A Summer Fields
      Under 9B A Summer Fields
      Under 9C A Summer Fields
Wed 7 Mar      
      Under 13A A Aldro 7s
      Under 10A A Horris
      Under 10B A Horris
      Under 9A H Horris
      Under 9B H Horris
Wed 14 Mar      
      Under 13A A Woodcote 7s