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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

The School Day

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0715 Wake up Wash, dress and make beds
0745 Breakfast Cooked breakfast, cereal, toast, yoghurt and fresh fruit
0815 Free time Everyone outside and extra carpentry and music practice
0840 Assembly/DM/Chapel Mon- school assembly, Tues - Senior Chapel/DMs, Wed & Fri - DMs, Thurs - Junior Chapel, Sat - congregational practice
0900 Period 1 Juniors in their own divisions for most subjects, seniors in specialised classroom or laboratories
0935 Period 2
1010 Period 3 Some double periods take place for seniors
1045 Period 4
1120 Fruit break Time for stump in the yard, football, cricket nets, fives etc
1155 Period 5 Back to the divisions for lessons before lunch
1225 Period 6
1230 Junior Lunch Delicious freshly cooked lunch with optional soup and salad bar, followed by rest activities, clubs, music lessons or choir practices
1300 Senior lunch
1300 Sixes PR Supervised PR/reading in divisions
1340 Rest Book reading or letter writing. A time to reflect and recharge
1425 Games Matches on Wednesday and Saturday, co-curricular clubs on Thursday
1610 Period 7 No afternoon school on Wednesdays or Saturdays
1645 Period 8 Last lesson of the day
PR Year 5        (5.20-6.00pm)
Years 6-8 (5.30-6.30pm)
Div tidy  
1830-2010   Staggered bath and bedtimes
2015-2115   Lights out