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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

Assessments for Entry

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We take up to 30 boys into Year 4 and an additional 10 boys into Year 5.  We only occasionally accept boys into Years 6 and 7 if we have space in the Divisions and Dorms.

Year 4 entry 

We have no formal entrance exam for boys joining in Year 4, but we do ask for a report from the previous school so that we can be sure we place a boy in the right division.  Once a boy arrives at the School, we carry out an assessment of his reading, writing and arithmetic skills. We have a disciplined academic structure and we pride ourselves on the fact that, despite no entrance exam, our boys still go to the top public schools.

Entry at Year 5 and above

For entry into Year 5 and above, registered boys and their parents are invited to visit Ludgrove for a 1-1 visit in the Autumn of the year prior to entry.  This visit will include a meeting and tour of the School with Mr and Mrs Barber and an assessment.  The assessment includes spelling, reading and maths and boys need not prepare for these tests – they are designed to enable us to see where a boy would naturally fit into the existing cohort.  Offers of places are subject to assessment results and the number of places available.