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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

Learning Support

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We have a strong learning support department comprising three specialist teachers as well as a visiting speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist.

All boys are screened on arrival and if any literacy or numeracy difficulties are identified an individual programme of support is put in place. Current boys identified by teachers are referred through a referral form to Learning Support who will then assess the boy and devise a tailor made programme. All individual programmes are designed after consultation with the English and Mathematics departments and then a profile of the pupil is given to all staff to facilitate their teaching and the boys' learning.  A diagnosis of 'dyslexia' in a report is not enough in itself for us to provide special facilities.  Students may have good coping strategies, or the dyslexia might be mild.  There would need to be a substantial and long-term adverse effect on working for a student to be considered for extra time.

In Year 7 all boys attend a Study Skills workshop in preparation for Common Entrance. 

The department believes that regular liaison and communication with parents, teachers and outside specialists are fundamental to helping the boys' fulfil their academic and social potential. EAL pupils are assessed on entry or at prior interview to determine their level of spoken and written English. One to one EAL tuition is arranged and continues until a boy is able to follow independently the classroom curriculum and integrate fully into life at Ludgrove. Pupils may also be prepared for external English proficiency exams such as FCE (First Certificate in English).

Private diagnostic reports commissioned solely by parents are not accepted as part of the evidence for special facility requests.  The reports must be commissioned by the school and be carried out by a suitable professional that the school has an 'established relationship' with.