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Assistant Matron (Gapper)

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We are looking for a cheery and enthusiastic Gapper to join our team of resident matrons for the Summer term.  Working alongside the nursing team and House parents the pastoral role is largely an upstairs one, the varied duties ensuring all boys are happy and healthy.  Accommodation is single, full board and with one full day off a week.

Job Description:               Assistant Matron (Gapper)

Responsible to:                 Head Matron, and ultimately the Headmaster and Head of Boarding

Responsible for:               Allocated Boarders

Close working relationships with: Matrons and School Nurse

To assist with and contribute to the supervision and care of the boarders, with particular responsibility for the health, personal hygiene, clothing and general well being of their allocated boys.

Pastoral Care

To develop supportive, caring and effective relationships with the boys, leading by example, always aware of the duty of care.

To encourage appropriate standards of behaviour and consideration for others

To supervise a table at mealtimes, ensuring that boys eat a nutritious meal and have good table manners.

To develop, in the boys, a collective responsibility to be aware of the difficulties or problems of others and to offer such support, help for each other as appropriate.

To promote a quiet and orderly atmosphere in the boarding areas in the evenings

To use plus and minus marks, and other sanctions agreed by the Headmaster / Head of Boarding when necessary to ensure that the boys learn consideration for others and have adequate rest

To speak with boys at a time about emotional, academic, social or behavioural problems they may have; if appropriate to refer to senior matrons, the school nurse or more senior staff and to fulfil the requirements of the school’s policy on child protection and safeguarding

To promote a happy and successful community of boarders by an active interest in the boys, attending Staff Meetings.

To immediately refer any concerns about the boys to the Head Matron or School Nurse.

To be available during the night (when on duty) if needed by boarders.


To liaise with the school nurse to ensure that boys medical requirements are properly catered for; to encourage pupils to adopt a healthy life style.

To accompany boys to medical appointments as required by the School Nurse

To implement a good personal hygiene routine for the boys as appropriate, including showers, baths, hair washing, nail cutting, and nit checks.


To ensure that boys clothes and personal belongings are used appropriately and stored securely and tidily; to ensure that pupils treat the belongings of others, and the fabric and furnishings of the boarding accommodation with respect.

To ensure all boys belongings are clearly names / numbered.

To keep a daily check on dormitory tidiness

To promote a reasonable standard of tidiness and cleanliness in the boys appearance including the wearing of correct school uniform.

To work closely with the Seamstress to ensure boys uniform is kept in good repair.

To report to the Head Matron areas in need of minor or major repair in boarding areas

To ensure that boarding areas are clear at the end of term so that cleaning staff have access

To help the boys pack and unpack their trunks at the beginning / end of term

To operate the laundry system, so that the boys have clean uniform. To ensure that games kit and swimming towels are washed regularly.

To help prepare clean kit for matches, and to wash kit after matches.


To take an active role in fire evacuation procedures.

To meet regularly with the Head Matron to discuss progress / any issues / support needed


To wake allocated boarders, and ensure that they are clean and well presented before breakfast and to supervise the boys tidying dormitories and making their beds before breakfast

To supervise breakfast and certain lunchtime meals when on duty

To ensure the changing room down stairs is tidy after breakfast

To tidy dormitories daily and check for wet beds

To assist with serving tea when required

To serve fruit at fruit break

To serve afternoon biscuits during the autumn and winter terms

To pull the curtains in the boarding accommodation before dusk

To use personal hand-over conversations to pass on essential information and ensure continuity when going off duty

To enrich boy’s timetable with assistance in an area of choice within the school (Sport, art, music, activities, language etc)

To be on duty in the Boarding area from 5.00 p.m. on the first night of term and on the return from half term and exeat weekends.

Ludgrove School is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment.  An enhanced DBS check, two written references and a completed medical form will be required. Please fill in the application form and send with a covering letter to Sophie Barber, Headmaster's Wife, to