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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

Middle School Play: "Pirates of the Curry Bean"

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The Threes set sail this term with their nautical themed play ‘The Pirates of The Curry Bean’. From foolhardy sailors attempting to master their mop drill, to an array of colourful islanders on Lumbago, to mischievous rats, cheeky monkeys and not forgetting those pesky pirates, the play had something for all. 

The boys worked incredibly hard to master their footwork for the numerous dances and to perfect their lines. Their hard work did not go unrewarded though and despite the snow, they performed three show-stopping performances, with standing room only at the third and final performance. Many thanks to all the members of staff who assisted with the music, lighting, costume, make-up and props, without whom this fabulous production would not have been possible. No doubt, we shall all be humming the songs for quite some time. Very well done to all of the Threes!


Pictures of the play are here