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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

Bravo for the Lunchtime Recital by the IVs (Year 5)

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Ludgrove was treated to the first Informal Recital of the year, with a wide range of music enthusiastically performed by the IVs (Year 5) and watched by their peers.


With every from Beethoven to Elvis on the programme, there was something for everyone's musical taste.

The boys showed great talent and bravery to put themselves in the spotlight on the Theatre stage. Bravo to them and we look forward to seeing how they have inspired the VIs (Year 4) to practice hard for their upcoming recital.

Running order for the IVs Informal Recital:

Bobo (piano) - Ecossaise, Beethoven

Edward (piano) - March Hare, Brain Chapple

Charlie (singing) - Quem Pastores Laudavere, Trad

Jason (piano) - Intercity Stomp, Christopher Norton

]Nico (piano) - Teasing Song, Bartok

Toby (piano) - The Lost Bone, Adair

Dan Dan (piano) - Almost Like a Dream, Anon

Kantaro (piano) - Allouette, Trad French

Eric (piano) - Hound Dog, Elvis