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Mr Parker takes on a mammoth challenge to support the Ludgrove Foundation's Transformational Bursaries programme

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Mr Parker, Ludgrove’s intrepid teacher, explorer and outdoor skills taker is facing a mammoth challenge to test his endurance skills while raising money for the Ludgrove Foundation's Transformational Bursaries programme. 

Mr Parker is in the thick of training to break the fastest time of 10 hours and 58 minutes to run the 93km Wokingham boundary, called the Wokingham Way, in August.

All this hard work is in aid of Ludgrove’s incredibly worthwhile Transformational Bursary programme, funded through the Ludgrove Foundation. He said: “I’ve seen for myself the benefit these bursaries have and want to play my part in fundraising for this worthy cause.”

Mr Parker’s training is going well, with a recent run of 35.85km coming in at 3 hours and 35 
minutes. If you would like to support his ultra marathon challenge and the Ludgrove Foundation’s Transformational Bursaries, please go to TheWokinghamWayChallenge

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about the Ludgrove Foundation and its work to support boys living in challenging circumstances who combine genuine need with motivation and potential through Transformational Bursaries, please go to the Ludgrove Foundation page or the Raising the Future video.