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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School


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The main focus of the Ludgrove curriculum is to build firm academic foundations and encourage a love of learning. We prepare boys for public school assessments, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations. We have a very successful track record of sending boys to Eton, Harrow, Marlborough, Radley, Stowe, Sherborne, Wellington, Winchester and other distinguished schools.

We aim to realise the highest academic expectations for all the boys within a disciplined and well-structured system of proven learning techniques. First class teaching from dedicated, motivated and well-qualified staff combined with small class sizes (9-15 pupils) enable us to aim high for each boy whilst allowing them to develop at the correct pace.

Our learning support team assists those with specific learning difficulties, and provides help with independent study and exam techniques. The timetable for all boys includes Mathematics, English, Science, French, Geography, History, Religious Studies, ICT, Music, PE and CDT. Latin is introduced in the second year and some boys pursue a two-year scholarship or Common Entrance Greek course.

“…… boys are prompt, ready to work and well organised. They are extremely well-motivated, their attitudes to their study are excellent and their behaviour in class exemplary…" ISI Inspection

Full reports on academic work, art and music are sent out at the end of each term and an order paper indicating academic achievement and effort is sent to parents approximately every three weeks so that they can keep track of their son's progress. There are formal parents' meetings once a year for each year group and the headmaster and staff are available at other times. Division masters and mistresses play a central role in supporting our academic and pastoral programme and we aim to foster the confidence of each boy. An atmosphere of trust and mutual respect enables every boy to perform to the best of his ability and there is always someone to turn to for help; a crucial ingredient for success in and out of the division.