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Ludgrove School

Ludgrove School

The Ludgrove Foundation

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The Ludgrove School Foundation was launched in 2013 with the key aims of broadening access through bursary provision and supporting the future development of the School.


Ludgrove is a community where pupils are prepared in a diverse world.  Through bursaries, the Foundation aims to draw pupils from a broader spectrum of society and make it possible for low and middle income families, both Old Ludgrovian and otherwise, to benefit from a Ludgrove education.  

School Development

Ludgrove is a full-boarding school which allows boys to thrive and gives them all the qualities that allow them to flourish in the country’s most selective public schools. The support of the Foundation ensures that Ludgrove is making strategic investments to remain one of the country’s leading prep schools while enhancing what makes it distinctive.

Please contact the Development Office if we can be of assistance or make a donation here.


G. W. P. Barber Esq (Chairman)
L. C. L. Fitzwilliams Esq
W. S. Johnston Esq
H. M. Mackenzie Esq
G. P. Milne Esq
D. P. Wiggin Esq

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